Shooting Techniques

Nightclub Photography How to Photograph Anything Nightclub photography moves at a much faster pace than other types of photography so that people can continue partying after posing for a quick second or two.

It's much harder to compose the picture because you've got to keep in mind all the stuff happening in the background. It's also harder to see what's in the viewfinder because it's so dark. It's common to get some out of focus shots here and there because the auto focus was hunting in the low light.

The biggest challenge would have to be figuring out how to get the best light possible. You have to be able to "see the light" and think on your feet more quickly.

  • Pay attention to the light.
  • Simplify the composition.
  • Use the rule of thirds.
  • Vary the angle.

Here are a few things you should focus on capturing:

  • Candid pictures of people dancing
  • Bartenders shaking and pouring drinks
  • People taking shots, having fun, laughing and smiling
  • People lounging in the VIP
  • DJs jamming while they're mixing
  • Posed pictures of couples and large groups
  • Staff's promo shirts, flyers, banners or any other company insignia that are on display

Stay away from:

  • Ghetto, trashy, or people that are just way too drunk
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