Nightclub and Nightlife Photography

Welcome! You just found the #1 place on the web for nightclub and nightlife photography tips and techniques!I was searching the web looking for nightclub photography tips and I noticed two interesting things.The first thing I noticed was the web has a lot of good and bad information out there regarding nightclub photography techniques.The second thing I noticed was that there isn't a single website that contained all the good and useful nightclub photography tips and techniques in one place. The good info that nightclub photographers could actually use were scattered all over the web. This where I come in.Nightclub Photography TipsThe camera body and accessories to use for nightclub photographyThe best lens to use for nightclub photographyThe flash and accessories to use for nightclub photographyThe camera and flash settings that will produce the best nightclub picturesNightclub Photography shooting techniquesMy goal is to make this website the most visited with the most useful …